Resonator Guitar Parts
BBS-13 - Slotted Beard Dobro Bridge Inserts
Birch: Warm, mellow tone. Type of bridge used on most Mike Auldridge recordings.


EBS-17 - Slotted Beard Dobro Bridge Inserts
Maple/Ebony: Like a banjo bridge, these inserts deliver extra punch & last a long time.


BC-1 Beard Resonator Spun Cone
10 9/16” dia. for spider bridge, resonator guitars.Hand spun by Beard Guitars. This resonator is standard issue in Beard and Goldtone guitars. This cone may need to be fitted to your guitar. Beard alloy delivers bell like tones with a powerful bass and brilliant treble response.



Extension Nut

converts round neck to Dobro4


BNS-19 Slotted Beard Bone Nut
Bone nut for square neck DOBRO® style guitars 3/16” x 3/4” x 2” available slotted for 1 11/16” string spacing. Final “fit” sanding required


RS-1 Randy Allen Tailpiece
Resonator / Bouzouki Tailpiece (Ball End Strings) RS Series  resonator tailpiece is designed for 6,7 & 8 string configurations. Although the tailpiece was designed with the resophonic in mind it will do nicely on other instruments. This model will also work with bouzoukis and mando-cello where a ball end string is to be used. We have been receiving reports that the solid cast design has an effect in  increased sustain and volume. Jewelry quality finishes include  polished bronze, nickel (rhodium) & gold.